Golden Generation Montessori School
Parktown - Gauteng


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From: "Nokuzola Nkowane [Transnet NPA JHB]" 

Good morning Savita

I trust this mail finds you well.

I just want to express my gratitude in the manner in which my son, Ikenna (7) has developed and grown in the last 10 months in your school. Having been on a mainstream school till Grade R, I was constantly being called to school being told how he is struggling with speech, confidence, interacting etc and that he needs one assessment after another. This not only made him feel inadequate and withdrawn but it was very stressful to me as a mother.

The best decision I made was enrolling him at your school. The only time I get called to the school is to be given a positive and encouraging feedback on his progress. Today, I have an extremely confident boy, who reads everything he sees, he writes, his speech and vocabulary has improved drastically. We have talks and discussions now with follow-up questions. He teaches me on things he has learnt from the school, e.g on Monday, he told me that fire can't go through a glass and a long conversation followed.

A big thank you to his teachers, Teacher Mpho and Monica, the resident therapist and also the warm and friendly children that are his friends. Most importantly, in your school he is in a bully-free environment and knows that he is valued and loved. 

Thank you to all at Saxonwold Golden Generation Montessori school. We will definitely be part of the family for the years to come.

Warm Regards
Zola (Mother)

Thank you, Zola!  

Thank you Caren for your lovely letter.

Good evening,  hope you are doing well, we have not spoken for a while, I would really from the bottom of my heart like to thank you so much. The progress on Cameron is way too much than I expected in a short space of time.I have never been so happy, this boy is now turning to out to more wiser than his age mates around. Over and above I must say teacher Mpho is a great teacher who knows exactly what she is doing and dealing with the kids,not forgetting to thank all the kids with their happy faces I see every moment when I drop Camy. Please thank them for me because now Camy is very socialite and happy.   Mrs.Lerato Menwako