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Development planes

 The Four Planes of Development 

Maria Montessori, based on her scientific observations of children, developed Four Planes of developmental growth for the child. She concluded that a child's growth is more like that of a butterfly, with a number of critical transformations in the first six years, followed by a period of uniform growth while the mind is "being organized" in the intermediate stage of childhood, ages 6-12, and followed by another period of transformation during the ages of 12-18.

Each formative Plane lays the foundation for the next successive Plane.

Age of Prudence: (0-6 y.o.)

            Construction of the Physical

            Concrete Plane

            Learns with Absorbent Mind (0-3yo unconscious learning,  3-6yo conscious learning)

            Sensitive periods where learning is easier/faster 

            Fundamental for the formation and character of the individual

            Basis for other virtues helps us to accomplish good in the practical order

Age of Temperance:  (6-12 y.o.)

            Construction of the Intelligence

            Cosmic Plane

            Learns through reasoning, with imagination and logic

            "The Bridge" to Abstraction - intellectual mind is organized

            Want to learn about the Universe and its Creation/start Great Lessons/unit studies

            This virtue develops a sense of moderation and appreciation of the world s gifts

Age of Justice:  (12-18 y.o.)

            Construction of the Social/Moral

            Cultural Plane

            Social find place in society typical 12 year old will have a High School education

            Creation of the adult

            Virtue that forms the consciousness of fairness and honesty to do right

Age of Fortitude: (18-24 y.o.)

            Construction of the Spiritual

            Conscience & Discernment Plane

            Spiritual emergence to adulthood - to find one s place and function in the world

            Virtue that enables one to stand up for and do what s good and true